Diabetes - what is it and how can I help?

Type 1 diabetes accounts for about 10% of all adults with diabetes and is the most common type of diabetes in childhood. It can occur in adults aged 40 + as a result of an auto immune response. This can occur with people who are physically fit and/or not overweight. No-one knows why this happens, but it is theorised that a virus or other infection triggers the auto-immune response and alters the pancreas' ability to produce insulin....

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Assist First Aid article about Defibrillators.

De-Mystifying Defibrillators

I hear it all the time – ‘Aren’t they really complicated?’ ‘What if they don’t need it?’ ‘What if I’m touching the patient when the shock goes off?’

Having taught in excess of 3000 people over the past two years, I hope they have all left the course feeling confident and less scared of that ‘scary machine that shocks people’!

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